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Dolce vita! Trasimeno on Vespa, Bike, Foot ……..

Lago Trasimeno is the largest lake in Central Italy and the fourth largest in Italy being 126 it is incredibly beautiful set amidst rolling hills, olive groves and verdant meadows and is protected as a regional park. Perched on the hilltops around the lake are picturesque medieval towns and villages steeped in history.
Driving around the lake's perimeter is wonderful but you do miss such a lot of the beautiful scenery plus the sounds of the water, the birds and the trees. A slower mode of transport is definitely preferable and below are some links which, I hope will help.

Dolce vita on a Vespa

The scooter is VERY popular in Italy. Very cool and stylish, (although somewhat noisy) a Vespa is just perfect for tootling around the lake and exploring the narrow winding roads of Umbria. See below for link.

Umbria in Vespa near San Feliciano

General website:

Rental rates:

Tel: 347 463 6423

Or by bike …..

Ever changing scenery, quiet roads and quaint villages make Umbria a perfect location for cycling.

There are bike trails all around the lake and below is an excellent website with details of the different routes and bike rental opportunities.

In Castiglione del Lago:


Bike hire and sales, equipment, clothing & repairs. At Via Firenze 68/b, 06061 Castiglione del Lago (PG)

See full details of this route:

Or simply walk!

One of the best way to explore the beautiful countryside around the lake is by foot and there are some wonderful trails for all levels of difficulty.

One of my favourite walks is from my home, Castel Rigone to Torre Fume. The views are breathtaking passing from the village out through undulating and deserted meadows towards Poggio and then up to the tower. The return route passes through wooded areas to Trecine and then there is a steepish road back to Castel Rigone. I would class it has moderately difficult more in length than anything. There is quite a steep but short climb to the tower, otherwise it's a good blend of downhill and uphill slopes. Much of the route is open and deserted so not a good idea on a hot sunny day! Take plenty of water and energy snacks. There's nowhere to get a drink! Reception in this area is also poor so better to go accompanied.

It takes about four hours (15km)

Details of this walk and others can be found at this link:

And ….if you need car transfers:

SD Autonoleggio

Silvia and Diego provide car or minivan and driver for airport transfers, restaurant chauffeuring, day trips and shopping excursions

Tel: : 340 353 7901

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