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Isola Polvese. Trasimeno

Isola Polvese, the largest of Lake Trasimeno’s three Islands is a shady haven on hot summer days. It is also a wonderful picnic venue with beautifully kept gardens and lakeside beaches, bars and toilets. The island is reached by frequent ten minute boat ride from the fishing village of San Feliciano.
There are wonderful views and easy nature trails and historic walks. You can easily just wander yourself using the detailed maps and information provided free with your ferry tickets or choose to take one of three set walks.

With a perimeter of 5km and a surface area of 70 hectares it is possible to walk around the perimeter, view the historical sights and enjoy the higher central olive groves easily in three hours. Apart from the steps leading up into the olive groves, the island is generally fiat and the shady paths are beautifully maintained.

Among the most important monuments of the island we find the churches of Saint Giuliano and Saint Secondo, the Olivetans’ Monastery and the Medieval Castle. There is also a garden of Aquatic Plants designed in 1959 by the architect Pietro Porcinai.

There is an Educational Science Park which organises programmes for school groups and study camps and the Environmental Study Centre is complete with a restaurant, bar and shop which sells products of the Trasimeno area.

Originally inhabited by the Etruscans and later the Romans, in 1139 it was taken over by the Municipality of Perugia at the request of its inhabitants who needed protection against attacks from the forces of Siena and Arezzo. The castle was constructed to provide this protection and the churches and a village were also built to serve the population of about 400.

It was abandoned in the 1960’s by the remaining villagers and purchased in 1973 by the Province of Perugia who turned it into a Wild Life Sanctuary . It later became a Science Park and in 1995 part of the Trasimeno Nature Park.

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