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Festa dei Barbari 2014

As always our Csstel Rigone barbarian festival was a great success. Some festivals are just a one time experience but this one is enjoyable every time and this year was my twelfth!

According to tradition, in 543AD the Ostrogothic Arrigo (or Rigone), lieutenant of Totila, used the area to establish a base of operations that would maintain the siege of the city of Perugia. Hence the name of our village. Castel Rigone.


Now, every year there is a reenactment in Castel Rigone to commemorate the founding of the Ostrogoths and this was the thirtieth year of the Festa.




From the 31st July to the 3rd of August, the village reverted back to the barbaric Middle Ages with a daily market, fighting with swords and axes, music, dancing, duels and the revival of ancient crafts. Each evening the trestle tables in the square were overflowing with villagers and visitors enjoying a Barbarian feast of local delicacies like Cinghiale with wine in abundance. The evening entertainment which accompanied the meal was fantastic. Music, Fire eating and dancing. Duels and hilarious fights. Brilliant!


On the afternoon of the last day, Sunday, the villagers took part in a historical costume parade followed this year with (a first ) some 'dressage' from the 'King' and his lady. Didn't think they had dressage in the a Middle Ages! The standard was, however, very high and the horses well trained. Then came the competition. The objective being to slice a watermelon in half with an axe whilst galloping past on a horse. Fun to watch but Difficult! I think only one succeeded .

I did miss the usual fighting and Barbarian antics! Do hope they put them in again next year.


Here's a short video I out together .

Also below is a brilliant video of the Fire Dance.










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