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Mugnano is a tiny village nestled in the hills between Perugia and Assisi and just 5km from Lago Trasimeno.

Yesterday I encountered only one of its 1.000 inhabitants, a lovely old lady who explained some of the history to me. The name is derived from Fundus Munianus, dating back to the Roman times whe the family Munius lived there. The Abbey was founded in the 10th Century by Benedictine Monks and taken over in the 14th century by the Cavalieri di Malta who still own land in this area plus the castle in Magione. The fortified walls of the town date back to this period when they protected the farmers who lived and worked there.

Although unassuming at first sight on exploring the tiny squares and streets one encounters a surreal atmosphere where history meets art. For many years both Italian and foreign artists have created a permanent exhibition of frescoes within the walks of this ancient village. These ‘Muri Dipinti’ peep out round every corner, from under washing lines and arches and their originality, themes and styles breathe a multitude of different languages and cultures giving Mugnano a unique charm. The idea for this artistic came after the castle was reconstructed in 1983.


The exhibition is lit from sunset making it the perfect place for an evening stroll to appreciate a very unusual but successful marriage of historical buildings and modern art.








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