Love Umbria!       Love Trasimeno!

Trasimeno. Where Dreams come True

​​It’s the beginning of August. A perfect day . Hot sunshine and blue skies. The intense heat has gone and a gentle breeze makes a walk by the lake heavenly. I drove just a few kilometres from Castel Rigone to Monte del Lago where I parked my car and walked for about an hour first along the lake banked on either side by fig trees and then along the cycle path through green fields decorated with aLes of hay. Gentle waves broke along the shores of the lake and the chirping of cicadas filled the air. Baby figs strained from the branches of the trees and the hedgerows were laden with ripening blackberries. I picked some wild grapes. They are green now but in two days they will turn black and be deliciously sweet. I saw a lone man fishing. A lady taking her dog for a walk. Three cyclists. A couple walking hand in hand. Families played on one of the small beaches by the Santino Ristorante. Very few cars disturbed the whispering of the breeze. 

This is why I love Trasimeno. Here we are removed from crowds of organised groups of tourists with their little flags and loud voices! Removed from overcrowded and over commercialised beaches. Removed from traffic jams, high prices and poor service.

Here, in this green heart of Umbria, we have more than enough open spaces, beauty, culture, history, tranquility and good hospitality to share with our visitors. And life just goes on as normal!

Click on this link for the video: 

Trasimeno Video