Love Umbria!       Love Trasimeno!


Yesterday I walked down to the pine woods in our village. That’s nothing unusual. I have taken this ten minute stroll, nearly every day since moving here.  But yesterday was different. . .

I love these woods. Their magnificent pines reaching to the sky like guardian angels. Finger tips touching, encircling a deep blue eternity. 

Over the years their limbs have shaded me from the summer sun and inspired me when, clothed in swirling grey mists they became a mysterious and magical winter wonderland. 

When I first visited the woods as a teenager many moons ago the pines  were happy,  whispering the  laughter of children and chatter of cicadas  between their branches. Families and friends picnicked at the trestle tables. Dogs lay beneath relishing the peace and shade. There was the occasional knock of a tennis ball against a racket. The squeal of roller skates. The mixed strains of music from numerous radios. The clink of glasses and pop of champagne corks. 

Then the bar closed. The people left. Nature began to reclaim. Thistles and nettles threatened unwelcome visitors. Paths disappeared. A stillness fell. A melancholy  steeped in memories of what had been. 

But yesterday was different. 

Gone were the thistles and nettles and through the trees was visible once again, the bar. 

Once more the whispering of the pines was joined by the laughter of children and the clink of glasses. Families and friends dined and chatted at the tables. Dogs slept at their feet. 

As day drifted into night a myriad of colours crept over the hills. 

The pines and I slept.  Happy that life in the woods had gone ‘full circle’. 

The rejuvenation of the Pine Woods in Castel Rigone has happened through the hard work and enthusiasm of the guy we call Hermann. ERMANNO BIETOLINI

The bar is open from 10am to midnight serving drinks, ice cream, aperitivi, and a wide choice of torta al testo and pasta dishes. 

There is also live music at the weekends. 

Click on the link below to watch the short video Of the pine woods and facilities.