Love Umbria!       Love Trasimeno!

Festa della Padella

Yes!  It is a real frying pan and yes it is used once a year to fry fish at the Festa della Padella! 

Last night we attended this festa in Passignano sul Trasimeno and had an amazing evening. Strangely enough this was our first visit to this festa even though Passignano is our nearest town!  

It was the last day of the festa and also the annual classic car rally around the lake AND the VINTAGE MARKET So quite a day for Pasśignano! 

We arrived in Passignano about 6.15pm.  The roads in the centre were closed at 3.30pm. Thinking that it would be impossible to find a parking space free or otherwise we parked up in the hills. My mistake!  There were still many parking spaces in the car parks and some free ones tucked around the back streets.  

Still …we worked off the extra calories on the climb back up! 

Tables were also easy to get at 7pm but difficult after 7.30 unless you wanted to wait till much later. I  sat at the table while my husband and friend joined the queue at the CASA.  It took about 30 minutes to be served but the wait didn’t matter because from the table or the queue it was possible to watch the food being fried in the pan and to enjoy the magnificent sunset over the lake. 

We ordered two French fries, one vegetable fritte and three fish (Persico).  It was more than enough. The portions of fish were huge!  Be warned that to non Italian palettes the fish is salty. T wish it down we had a bottle of water and a bottle of red wine.  The whole bill came to €28. 

By about 9pm  the mosquitoes descended and so we decided to wander around the market and then went to Lounge Bar 13 for a gelato and coffee.  

There were fireworks scheduled for 10.30pm but past experience has told us that they never start on time and we were pretty tired so headed off back home, sure enough the fireworks couid be seen and heard from Castel Rigone, traditionally late about 11pm!  

A great experience ! Will definitely go again but this time park in the town and not at the top of a hill!